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Miolina Presents:


'Mushin' is a state of mind, free of all emotions and thoughts. In this state, the mind is clear and ready. Martial artists aspire to this state of mind, as do musicians and dancers. On March 4th, 2022, Miolina collaborates with choreographer/dancer Yukari Osaka, and her dance company EnterArt, as well as with Kendo Sensei Noboru Kataoka (Kendo 7th Dan), founder and director of the New York City Kendo Club. They will also be joined by dancer Katy Procopio and Geoffrey Werner (Kendo 5th Dan). The evening begins at 6:30pm with a lecture/demonstration of Kendo by Sensei Kataoka and Mr. Werner. At 7pm, Miolina, Ms Osaka, & EnterArt present the world premiere of Lynn Bechtold's expanded version of 'No Kendo,' featuring the sounds of the New York City Kendo Club and Sensei Kataoka. EnterArt will also perform two works: 'Shuri' & 'Sakura,' and Miolina will present Lynn Bechtold's violin duo 'Away/Home 1.1.' The lecture and performance are made possible with generous support from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council's Creative Engagement Fund. Additional support for use of the hall is provided by Greenwich House Music School.

Friday |
4 March 2022 |
Renee Weiler Concert Hall
Greenwich House Music School
46 Barrow St, NYC 10014
TIX: $15, at the door
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