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06.24.2020 Wow! It's been a while since we posted any news, and for the last 3 months, we've had concerts and tours canceled, live every other musician on the planet. We have been enjoying a lot of time at our respective homes, where we've collaborated on a couple of remote recording and video projects. Here are the thumbnails of what we've been up to (more details on our Media page), and please check back for updates on our rescheduled concerts and some additional ones for next season. We look forward to seeing you all in person asap! :)


07.23.19 Link to our grant from the American-Scandinavian Foundation.

04.15.19 Miolina is happy to announce that we will once again be returning to Avaloch Farm Music Institute in NH, working with composer Takuma Itoh on a new double violin concerto! Looking forward to autumn in New England this October!








04.06.19 Back from our collaboration with Swedish composer Ann Rosén, and concerts on the C-Y Series in Malmö, and at the Koncertkirken in Copenhagen, we are thrilled to announce that we received a grant from the American-Scandinavian Foundation. We will present new works by Ann and Finnish composer Tomi Räisänen, on a concert in NYC in the spring of 2020. Stay tuned!

07.04.18 We received this lovely review of our album from Jillian DeGroot at I CARE IF YOU LISTEN. Thank you!

"Sonic embodiment of personhood; aggressive and virtuosic prowess; thoughtfully crafted and beautifully executed; brilliance of sound, technical mastery, and stunning expressivity."

06.01.18 Just returned from Birmingham, AL, where we recorded 6 new works by BAMA composers Andrew Dewar, Monroe Golden, Holland Hopson, Mark Lackey, Kyle McGucken, and Brian C Moon. Stay tuned for the album late this year or early next!

04.10.18 Check out the new exhibition by Cecilia Mandrile, the artist who created our album cover and design! The show is in Córdoba, Argentina, at the Museo Emilio Caraffa.


Miolina is happy to have been chosen as a 2018 Arts Access grantee by the Queens Council on the Arts for their program about immigration. Stay tuned for details about the concert on September 8th in Queens!



Here's a review from our Birmingham concerts in ArtsBHAM:



Miolina is honored to have been chosen as one of the 9 groups added to the Impact Fund Cohort, sponsored by New Music USA. Read about it here:




(38 works for violin duo premiered by Miolina in the last 7 years)
-Bela Bartok: Violin Duets
-Lynn Bechtold: Away/Home 1.2; *Funshallbehad (w/improvising musician); *Judy From Brooklyn; *Minnehaha Miniatures; No Kendo 1.1; Projet Imaginaire (w/mandolin & cello); Shuffle Scuffle (w/flute)
-Eve Beglarian: *All Good Is Luck; Well-Spent
-Grant Beglarian: Duets in a Contemporary Style
-Luciano Berio: Violin Duets
-Luigi Boccherini: Duos
-Gavin Bryars: Die Letzten Tage
-Kenji Bunch: Three American Folk Hymn Settings
-Manu Chao: Minha Galera *(arr Lynn Bechtold)
-Samuel Coleridge-Taylor/arr.Bechtold: *Tears, a Lament
-Valerie Coleman: *Migrations
-Dan Cooper: El Planeta Rojo; Spinning Song
-Eleanor Cory: *Elegy
-Andrew Raffo Dewar: *Madera Resonante
-Jean-Baptiste Favory: *Unisono V
-Folk/arr.Aleksey Igudesman: Auld Lang Syne; Danny Boy; Duniye Ay 
-Douglas Geers: *Teach Sum, Cheat Sum
-Lyudmila German: In the World of Shadows
-Orlando Gibbons: Six Fancies
-Monroe Golden: *Winona's Lesson
-Judd Greenstein: ILL (w/marimba and drum kit)
-Melissa Grey: Appassionata for Angela Grauerholz; *Lateral Line: 3 Electric Fish; Procrustean Bed
-Manuel Hernandez: Cables
-Sara Holtzschue: For KB/Pogrom
-Arthur Honegger: Sonatine
-Holland Hopson: *Still Yet Already Again
-Miyuki Ito: *Etoile Double (I)
-Takuma Itoh: Across the Open Sky (w/cello)
-Yoshihiro Kanno: *Cat in a Box II
-Debra Kaye: Duet After Winter; Freedom Songs (w/soprano)
-Howie Kenty: We Have Less Time Than You Think
-Mari Kimura: Sarahal
-Viktor Kioulaphides: Duos; *Mostly Motown Concerto
-Sunny Knable: *Ten Views of Mount Fuji
-Mark Lackey: *Dyad
-Jean-Marie Leclair: Duos
-Max Lifchitz: *Five Impromptus
-Emma Logan: *A Certain Slant of Light
-Jessica Meyer: But Not Until
-Kyle McGucken:*Recitative & Aria for Jean Baudrillard
-Paul Miller (DJ Spooky): Goldberg Remixes (w/cello)
-Dary John Mizelle: Love Song (from Fossey)
-Akio Mokuno: *Stream
-Beata Moon: A Silent Movie
-Brian C. Moon: Duetto con Bobik;*What Could Have Been, Was, or Will Be
-W.A. Mozart: Duo in B-flat Maj, Op. 70, #1; Der Spiegel Duet
-Jeff Myers: TAG for 2 Violins & Electronic Drone
-Angélica Negrón: They Swim Under My Bed (w 3rd violin and cello); Tres Insultos para Dos Violines
-Albert Oppenheimer: Hues (w/cello)
-Milica Paranosic: Al' Airi Lepo Sviri; *Scene for Miolina; Tiho Noci
-Martin Phelps: *Canvas In Progress; *Imaginary Canvas (w/various)
-Astor Piazzolla: Milonga del Ángel
-Ignace Pleyl: Duos
-Gene Pritsker: *Empty Bottles; Misfortune Has Its Uses; *Refugee Lament
-Sergei Prokofiev: Sonata for 2 Violins
-Ann Rosén: *Over Sea
-Nino Rota: Tre Pezzi
-Elena Ruehr: Shukria
-Pauchi Sasaki: Music from Design is One|the Vignellis
*(arr Lynn Bechtold)
-Ruth Crawford Seeger: Diaphonics #3 *(arr Gilbert Dejean)
-Dmitri Shostakovich: Five Pieces for 2 violins (w/piano)
-Hilary Tann: A Girl's Song to Her Mother
-Toru Takemitsu: Rocking Mirror Daybreak
-Karen Tanaka: Shibuya Tokyo
-Eric Tanguy: Sonate
-Fabio Turchetti: *Quadernos de Buenos Aires
-Ángel Villoldo: El Choclo
-Aleksandra Vrebalov: *Along With Youth (w/soprano); The Spell III
-Ann Warren: *Qu'est-ce que je disais?
-Joseph Martin Waters: Cali' Karsilama
-Judith Weir: Atlantic Drift
-Rain Worthington: Night Stream, *In Tandem
-Yoshia Yasuda: *Nagare
-Nina C. Young: Sun Propeller
-Isang Yun: Sonatina
-Mark Zaki: *Vagabondage
* = Premiered by or written for Miolina


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